What You Need to Know About Arizona’s Dog Bite Law

Like most states, Arizona has specific laws regarding dog bites. According to A.R.S. 11-1027, the dog owner is liable for injuries sustained by another person as a result of a dog bite and if the bite was suffered while the person was in a public place or lawfully in a public place. The only exception is if the victim clearly provoked the dog.

While dogs can scratch people if their nails are untrimmed, the law only applies to dog bites. Likewise, Arizona’s bite law is a strict liability law, meaning the law applies even if the owner didn’t know the dog would bite or if it happened on private property.

However, the law doesn’t protect people who were trespassing on private property. For example, if someone was trying to sneak into a house to commit theft, he or she would not be protected if the house was defended by the homeowner’s dog.

Statutes of Limitations for Dog Bite Claims

There is also a statute of limitations for dog bite liability. In the state, a person injured by a dog must file a premises liability suit within 2 years of the date of the bite. If an injured person fails to meet the deadline, the court will almost certainly throw the case out before hearing it.

Likewise, a person isn’t protected by the law if he or she provoked the dog. A dog is considered provoked when the injured person does something a reasonable person would avoid doing. For example, a reasonable person would avoid kicking a dog because he or she knows it would likely provoke the dog to bite back. A person who kicks a dog and is then bitten would not be protected by the Arizona dog bite law.

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