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Safe Driving When Highways are Busy with Trucks for the Holidays
Safe Driving When Highways are Busy with Trucks for the Holidays

The holiday season is the gift-giving season for so many people. But the cool knickknacks, toys, electronics, and other fun products that get wrapped up or stuffed in a stocking each year don’t really come down the chimney with Santa Claus. No, they come off shelves in ...

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  • Tesla on Autopilot Crashes in Arizona – When Will Self-Driving Be Safe Driving?

    A Tesla on autopilot has crashed in Arizona recently, re-sparking fears that self-driving will not be a safe driving option for a long time. The ...

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  • Using Uber or Lyft This Summer? Be Prepared in Case of a Rideshare Accident

    For many people, summertime means spending time out with family and friends. The thought of driving at the end of a fun night can be exhausting or ...

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  • Summertime Traffic Collisions Caused by More Cars on the Road

    The summertime is here again, and everyone wants to hit the road for a vacation, even if it lasts only a day or two. The coronavirus pandemic that has ...

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  • How You Can Drive Safer in a Construction Zone

    Do you get nervous whenever you see construction on the roads of your town? Do you hate driving on the highway because there always seems to be ...

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  • How Safe are Ubers? Examining Accident Statistics for the Answer

    Ridesharing through the use of a smartphone app is still a relatively new concept. Many people understandably are hesitant to hail an Uber, Lyft, or ...

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  • Can the Damage on Your Vehicle Help Prove Liability?

    Violent car accidents often leave all vehicles involved with extensive damage. While the sight of your own damaged car after a crash can be unnerving, ...

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  • Do Hands-Free Mobile Devices Actually Help Stop Car Accidents?

    Most people assume that hands-free mobile devices that allow for texting and talking on a smartphone while driving help to prevent car accidents . ...

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  • Poor or Dangerous Roadway Condition Accidents: Who is Liable?

    When thinking about a car accident , you will probably imagine a negligent or drunk driver crashing into another motorist, marking them as the liable ...

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  • Will My Insurance Go Up if I Wasn’t at Fault for an Accident?

    When you are involved in a car accident claim, your main focus is proving the other driver’s fault and recovering the compensation you deserve. But ...

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