Top Mistakes Made During Personal Injury Claims

Being involved in an accident is traumatic enough, but the problem is that the headaches and trouble never end there. To ensure that you do not foot the bill for the damages incurred, such as medical bills and repair costs, you will file a claim, which can be an incredibly complex and daunting task if without the assistance of a personal injury attorney.

Do not risk your chances of obtaining the fair and just compensation you deserve. Below are some of the most common mistakes made during personal injury claims that you should avoid:

  • Representing yourself: We all live in an era where doing things yourself is a very alluring concept, particularly for those hoping to cut back on expenses. Unfortunately, the law is not as easy as looking up a tutorial on how to make a croissant from scratch. It is complicated and lawyers take decades to become effective at this demanding profession. Without this in-depth knowledge, it will be incredibly difficult to achieve a successful outcome and you will likely say something that could ultimately derail your injury claim. With so much at stake, this is one gamble you should pass on.
  • Delaying medical treatment: Even if you do not feel like you are injured, the fact is that many injuries do not produce symptoms right away. Therefore, it is critical that you seek medical treatment as soon as possible. If you fail to seek medical treatment, but realized later on that you are injured, this delay in treatment will raise a red flag for the at-fault party’s insurance company. They will attempt to argue that the injuries you sought treatment for were not related to the accident since there was a lapse of time between the accident and your visit to the doctor.
  • Failing to seek legal advice: The days immediately following the accident are often the most important, regardless of the type of accident you had. You are going to receive a plethora of calls from the insurance company of the at-fault party and, unfortunately, this is the point at which many individuals say or do the wrong thing, handicapping their personal injury claim. Make sure you seek legal advice as soon as possible to avoid making many of the avoidable mistakes that occur so early on.
  • Giving recorded statements: The insurance adjuster you speak to will undoubtedly make it sound as though you are obligated to provide a recorded statement, but this is far from the truth. You can and should politely deny this request. Instead, only provide basic information. Later on, you and your personal injury attorney will be able to discuss your injuries in depth when you are ready to draft a demand letter. Until then, keep it basic and refrain from giving statements or even engaging in casual conversation.
  • Not preserving evidence: Evidence is obviously important in any legal matter and, unfortunately, when time passes, evidence might disappear and memories can begin to fade and become unreliable. Do not allow your claim to fail due to a lack of evidence and make sure to take the proper measures to preserve it. This includes taking pictures of the scene of the accident and pictures of your injuries. If witnesses saw the accident occur, take down their information, including names and contact information.
  • Posting on social media: Continuing to remain engaged in social media is a major no-no when you are in the midst of a personal injury claim, so try to swear off your Facebook, Instagram, and any other platforms you might use for sharing. Social media profiles are a wealth of information and anything can be taken out of context or used as evidence, so spare yourself the trouble of having to deal with the ramifications of staying logged in.
  • Signing a release or medical authorizations: Never sign anything unless you know exactly what it is and how it will affect you. You could potentially sign a release that might forever waive your claim. Consult with your attorney prior to signing anything. He or she will be able to explain the consequences of signing any documents, so you fully understand what you are getting yourself into.

Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix

If you were recently injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligent or reckless actions, you need to obtain skilled legal assistance to ensure you navigate the claims process smoothly, so you are able to secure the compensation you deserve. At Rafi Law Group, our Phoenix personal injury legal team has the experience, knowledge, and insight that is necessary to reach a favorable resolution for your claim.

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