What To Do After a Dog Bite Injury?

Dogs are often our most cherished companions and many tend to think of them as another member of their family, given the invaluable loyal companionship they provide. However, in the care of a negligent dog owner, these wonderful creatures can pose a real danger to others. In fact, millions of people sustain dog bite injuries every year, particularly children who make up the majority of dog bite victims. What should you do if you or your child is bitten by a dog?

Below is a general overview of some steps you should take in the event of a dog bite:

  • Seek medical care: This step is particularly critical if you suffered a puncture wound since this will put you at a greater risk for infection. Remember that not all dogs are properly vaccinated, so you need to take every proper precaution to protect your health. If possible, be sure to also take photos of your wounds prior to having your wounds treated.
  • Exchange information with the owner: Much like the steps you would take after being involved in a car accident, you must exchange information with the dog’s caretaker or owner. This will help you contact him or her after the accident to obtain the dog’s vaccination history. The information you obtain should include the person’s full name, address, and contact information.
  • Witnesses: It is also likely that someone watched the incident occur, so be sure to obtain the contact information for anyone who might be able to provide a witness statement regarding what happened. This could serve as invaluable evidence for a claim.
  • Animal control: Be sure to also file a report with your local animal control agency. Not only will this help prevent future dog bites, but it might also potentially help your own case.

Taking these four simple steps can help provide you with the evidence you will need to come to a fair agreement in a personal injury claim.

Document the Dog Bite Injury

Recording the details of your dog bite injury is another vital aspect of your claim since it will help determine how much compensation you are entitled to. Therefore, make sure you document any injuries associated with your wounds, such as visible injuries, pain, decreased mobility, or the inability to carry out certain tasks. You can accomplish this through photos, journal entries, and medical records. Additionally, keep in mind that sometimes injury claims can take some time before a resolution is reached, so be sure to write down everything you remember about the incident before you begin to forget some of the details.

Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Phoenix

If you recently suffered a dog bite injury, you have a right to pursue fair and just compensation. At Rafi Law Group in Phoenix, our dog bite injury attorneys have the experience, skill, and knowledge to effectively represent you. Our legal team is dedicated to meeting all of your legal needs and will provide the compassionate and insightful advice you need.

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