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Using Uber or Lyft This Summer? Be Prepared in Case of a Rideshare Accident
Using Uber or Lyft This Summer? Be Prepared in Case of a Rideshare Accident

For many people, summertime means spending time out with family and friends. The thought of driving at the end of a fun night can be exhausting or even dangerous if alcohol is involved at your get-togethers. For these reasons, many cities see increases in Uber, Lyft, and ...

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    The summertime is here again, and everyone wants to hit the road for a vacation, even if it lasts only a day or two. The coronavirus pandemic that has ...

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  • How You Can Drive Safer in a Construction Zone

    Do you get nervous whenever you see construction on the roads of your town? Do you hate driving on the highway because there always seems to be ...

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  • Four Big Topics for National Safety Month June 2020

    June is National Safety Month 2020, an annual campaign organized by the National Safety Council (NSC). This year, there are four key talking points, ...

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  • Who is Responsible for Keeping Arizona Sidewalks Safe?

    Sidewalks are assumed to be public property by most people. Is this assumption correct, though, and when would it matter? If you are walking along the ...

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  • Premises Liability Claims: Proving an Unreasonable Hazard

    Premises liability laws in Arizona require property owners to protect invitees, licensees, and even trespassers – to an extent – from harm while on ...

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  • Arizona Motorcycle Safety Laws Every Rider Should Follow

    Staying safe whenever you ride your motorcycle is a multistep process that begins with knowing all the local laws about motorcycle safety. Each state ...

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  • How Safe are Ubers? Examining Accident Statistics for the Answer

    Ridesharing through the use of a smartphone app is still a relatively new concept. Many people understandably are hesitant to hail an Uber, Lyft, or ...

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  • What Special Accommodations Do TBI Survivors Require?

    Surviving an accident that causes a traumatic brain injury ( TBI ) is unfortunately only the beginning of their hardships. The consequences and ...

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  • Can the Damage on Your Vehicle Help Prove Liability?

    Violent car accidents often leave all vehicles involved with extensive damage. While the sight of your own damaged car after a crash can be unnerving, ...

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