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What Special Accommodations Do TBI Survivors Require?
What Special Accommodations Do TBI Survivors Require?

Surviving an accident that causes a traumatic brain injury ( TBI ) is unfortunately only the beginning of their hardships. The consequences and symptoms of a brain injury will follow the survivor for the rest of their lives, causing complications in day-to-day tasks that ...

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  • Can the Damage on Your Vehicle Help Prove Liability?

    Violent car accidents often leave all vehicles involved with extensive damage. While the sight of your own damaged car after a crash can be unnerving, ...

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  • Dog Bite Laws: Are They Really Just for Dog Bite Incidents?

    Dog bite laws seem to be pretty self-explanatory. If someone’s dog bites someone else, then the victim will have to look to their state’s dog bite ...

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  • Do Hands-Free Mobile Devices Actually Help Stop Car Accidents?

    Most people assume that hands-free mobile devices that allow for texting and talking on a smartphone while driving help to prevent car accidents . ...

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  • Poor or Dangerous Roadway Condition Accidents: Who is Liable?

    When thinking about a car accident , you will probably imagine a negligent or drunk driver crashing into another motorist, marking them as the liable ...

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  • When Filing a Brain Injury Claim, Look to the Future

    The consequences of a traumatic brain injury ( TBI ) often last a lifetime and may even worsen dramatically as time goes on. Due to this reason, when ...

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