Can the Damage on Your Vehicle Help Prove Liability?

Woman looks at two damaged cars

Violent car accidents often leave all vehicles involved with extensive damage. While the sight of your own damaged car after a crash can be unnerving, you might also be looking at one of the best pieces of evidence in your claim to prove you did not cause the accident. When liability is muddled or the liable party won’t accept fault, vehicle damage can be used to prove liability one way or another.

T-Bone Damage is Very Telling

Perhaps the most telling form of vehicle damage is the crash impacts caused by T-bone accidents. When a car slams into the side of another at a right angle, the damage is extensive and immediately recognizable. It does not take an expert crash reconstructionist to understand that the damaged vehicle was hit head-on by another.

When would a driver even have a chance to hit another vehicle at such a clear right angle? Intersections, mostly. People running red lights create a severe risk of a T-bone accident as vehicles with the right-of-way cross their path.

Imagine you were pulling out of your driveway, looked both ways, and did not see any vehicle approaching due to a bend in the road. As you back up, a negligent driver races around the corner well above the speed limit and T-bones you. The damage on your vehicle would not only prove that you were backing out of the driveway when you were hit, but its severity would also likely show that you were hit at a high speed.

Examining Sideswipe Damage Closely

Another type of car accident that creates telltale damage is a sideswipe accident. In most sideswipe accidents, both vehicles scrape up against each other, creating recognizable striations in the paint. The negligent driver’s car usually also strikes the other vehicle with its front bumper, though. The impact from the bumper will make a dent of some size somewhere along the side of the other car.

To prove who was at fault for a sideswipe accident, paying close attention to the damage is a must. If a dent can be found on the side of one vehicle, then it is all the more likely that it was the one hit.

Legal Help is the Safest Route

Do you need to prove that you were not the one who caused your car accident? Examining the damage can be telling, but it is not foolproof. The safest method to establish liability is still relying on an experienced car accident attorney, who can investigate the situation and apply local liability laws.

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