What Special Accommodations Do TBI Survivors Require?

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Surviving an accident that causes a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is unfortunately only the beginning of their hardships. The consequences and symptoms of a brain injury will follow the survivor for the rest of their lives, causing complications in day-to-day tasks that most of us take for granted. In order to complete these tasks, which can be as simple as getting in and out of bed, special accommodations must be made for the TBI survivor.

Accommodations and equipment often needed to care for a TBI survivor include:

  • Wheelchair access ramp: Motor skills and balance are usually highly compromised by a brain injury, making walking and standing not only difficult for the survivor, but also dangerous. Wheelchair or walker use can become necessary. To move around the house, wheelchair access ramps may need to be installed in key locations.
  • Stairlifts: Multistory homes are problematic for many brain injury survivors due to the difficulty of climbing stairs. To make it safe to use the stairs after a brain injury, a survivor will need a motorized stairlift installed. Stairlifts are usually designed as a seat that secures the sitter in with straps before an electric motor glides the entire seat up or down the stairs.
  • Support handles throughout the home: To further improve the safety of the home for a brain injury survivor, support handles can be installed throughout the home. Commonly, handles are needed in the restroom for toilet and shower use without a significant risk of slipping and falling.
  • Specialized beds: Some brain injury survivors must sleep at particular angles to alleviate cranial pressure or other potential complications. Specialized beds are manufactured to allow careful adjustments and exact sleeping positions.

Considering the Costs of Special Accommodations

While special accommodations are certainly helpful to make life safer for a brain injury survivor, they can get quite expensive. Survivors who do not own their residences will face even more complications and costs to get accommodated as needed.

For this reason and more, it is crucial that anyone who suffers a brain injury speak to a personal injury attorney about what happened. If there is a chance that another party caused the injury due to negligence, such as in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, then it is worth exploring how to get compensation provided by them or their insurance provider. With a successful claim, the cost of necessary accommodations could be entirely covered.

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