How is Pain & Suffering Calculated in Arizona?

Obtaining the settlement amount you deserve can be a complex and convoluted process, one which is not guaranteed to provide satisfactory results. While your medical expenses and physical damages may be just barely covered, emotional damages are often shortchanged and completely undervalued. Every accident or injury is unique, and some cases are too complex to accurately predict the outcome.

Economic vs. Noneconomic Damages

Economic damages include tangible figures, such as lost wages. Noneconomic damages are less strictly defined as emotional distress is not so easily defined. Determining how much your pain is worth is a subjective decision. However, if your case is fairly straightforward, the insurance company may employ a multiplier formula to calculate your offer.

The Multiplier Method

Your economic damages are multiplied based on the severity of your injuries, considering issues such as permanent injuries, loss of enjoyment, etc. The range for grading your injuries is on a scale from 1.5 to 5 and the decisive struggle in this process will be proving which multiplier you deserve.

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