Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles can be thrilling to ride and exude a cool aesthetic that is often considered iconic. However, they lack a certain amount of protection and tend to leave riders and passengers exposed and incredibly vulnerable. As such, it is important that riders exercise a certain level of caution when on the road and maintain awareness of their surroundings. Moreover, other drivers on the road must look out for motorcyclists on the road to prevent a catastrophic or fatal accident.

Below is a list of some of the most common causes of preventable motorcycle accidents on the road:

  • A motor vehicle turned left in front of a motorcycle: Motorcycles are substantially smaller than most vehicles on the road and it is easy for them to get lost in a blind spot, especially if the driver is distracted and not paying attention. This type of accident can also occur when a driver misjudges the speed of a motorcycle.
  • A motorcyclist hit gravel on a corner: It is easy to get caught up in the moment while you are out for a ride, but if you let yourself get carried away, you might not notice sand or gravel in your path, which could cause you to wipe out. Make sure you ride at a safe pace and always look ahead, so you can maintain awareness of any obstacles on the road.
  • A motorcyclist drove too fast on a corner: It is important to be aware of corners coming up on your path and to reduce your speed accordingly. If you speed on a sharp corner, this can easily result in a terrible accident.
  • A motor vehicle changed lanes into a motorcyclist: Again, motorcycles are smaller and easier to miss when drivers on the road are distracted or driving negligently. Oftentimes, a driver might changes lanes into a motorcyclist, resulting in a terrible collision. Always be aware of other drivers, stay out of their blind spots, and look for any signs that might indicate a driver’s intention to change lanes.
  • A motorcyclist got rear-ended by a motor vehicle: Rear-end accidents involving two motor vehicles might not be too serious, but even a minor rear-end accident with a motorcycle can be devastating or fatal.
  • A car door opened: It is imperative to never drive alongside a string of parked cars. Anyone could, at any moment, open the door, which you could slam into. This is an accident that is also common among bicyclists.
  • The road is slippery: Drive at a speed that is appropriate for weather conditions. Sometimes this means having to ride at a speed that is below the speed limit. Slippery roads are dangerous, so if you are not confident in your ability to maneuver your bike in these conditions, wait until it clears up or use a different mode of transportation.

Skilled Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Phoenix

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