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Tucson is an ideal place for cyclists to ride. Unfortunately, not all drivers in Tucson are as bike-friendly as the city itself. When drivers fail to share the road or drive safely around cyclists, serious accidents can occur. If you or your loved one has been injured in a Tucson bicycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

At Rafi Law Group, PLLC, our Tucson bicycle accident lawyers are dedicated to helping injured cyclists and their families fight for the justice and fair compensation they deserve. We have a proven track record of success, having recovered millions of dollars for our clients, and we are prepared to fight for you.

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Common Causes of Tucson Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists are some of the most vulnerable users of the road. When they are involved in accidents with cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles, they are at risk of suffering severe, life-changing injuries.

Bicycle accidents can be caused by many different factors. However, the majority of these accidents are due to driver negligence. When motorists fail to safely share the road, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents in Tucson include:

  • Distracted driving: When drivers are texting, talking on the phone, eating, grooming, or otherwise distracted, they are less likely to see bicyclists and other vehicles on the road. This can lead to serious accidents.
  • Drunk driving: Drunk drivers are a major danger to everyone on the road, including bicyclists. Alcohol impairs a driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, which can lead to tragic accidents and injuries.
  • Speeding: Speeding is a leading cause of car accidents. When drivers speed, they have less time to react to other vehicles on the road, including bicycles. This can lead to a serious collision.
  • Failure to yield: Drivers must yield the right of way to bicyclists when they are required to under the law. When drivers fail to yield, they can cause serious accidents.
  • Unsafe lane changes: When drivers fail to check their blind spots or use their turn signals, they can strike bicyclists who are riding in the adjacent lane.
  • Dooring: When drivers or passengers open their doors into the path of an oncoming bicyclist, it can cause a serious collision.
  • Left-turn accidents: When drivers make left turns, they are often required to yield the right of way to oncoming vehicles and bicyclists. If a driver fails to yield, they can cause a serious accident.

These are just a few examples of how driver negligence can lead to bicycle accidents. If you were injured in a bike crash and believe that a negligent motorist is to blame, our Tucson bicycle accident attorneys can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicycle accidents can cause a wide range of injuries, from relatively minor to permanently disabling. In some cases, bicycle accidents can even be fatal.

Some of the most common injuries sustained by victims of bicycle accidents include:

  • Concussions and brain injuries: When bicyclists are thrown from their bikes or struck by cars, they can suffer concussions and other traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). These injuries can cause long-term damage, including cognitive difficulties, memory loss, and more.
  • Facial injuries: Bicyclists are at risk of suffering severe facial injuries in a crash, including lacerations, contusions, broken facial bones, and eye injuries.
  • Broken bones: The force of impact in a bicycle accident can cause victims to suffer broken bones. Bicyclists often suffer broken collarbones, arms, and/or wrists when they are involved in crashes.
  • Neck and back injuries: Bicyclists can suffer severe neck and back injuries when they are involved in collisions, including whiplash, sprains, strains, herniated discs, and more.
  • Spinal cord injuries: When a bicyclist suffers a severe blow to the back or neck, they can sustain a spinal cord injury. These injuries can cause partial or total paralysis.
  • Soft tissue injuries: Bicyclists can suffer soft tissue injuries, such as sprains, strains, and deep contusions, in a crash. These injuries can cause ongoing pain and suffering and may limit a victim’s mobility.
  • Road rash: When a bicyclist is thrown from their bike, they can suffer severe road rash. This type of injury occurs when a victim’s skin makes contact with the pavement, causing it to scrape away.

How Our Tucson Bicycle Accident Attorneys Can Help You

Bicycle accident claims can be complex. When you are seriously injured and facing mounting medical bills, the last thing you want to worry about is dealing with the insurance company. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what you will have to do if you want to recover compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages.

The good news is that you don’t have to handle the insurance claim process alone. At Rafi Law Group, PLLC, our Tucson bicycle accident lawyers can handle all communication and negotiations with the insurance company on your behalf. We know the tactics these companies use to deny and undervalue claims, and we know how to fight back. We are not afraid to take on large insurance companies or even go to trial, if necessary, to seek the maximum compensation you are owed.

Our team can help you with every aspect of your Tucson bicycle accident claim, including:

  • Conducting a thorough investigation into the accident to determine fault
  • Gathering evidence, including any available video footage, accident reports, and eyewitness testimony
  • Working with accident reconstruction experts and other specialists to build your case
  • Calculating the full and fair value of your damages, including your current and future medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and more
  • Filing all necessary paperwork and ensuring that all deadlines are met
  • Negotiating aggressively with the insurance company to seek a fair settlement
  • Taking your case to trial, if necessary, to seek the maximum compensation you are owed

To discuss your case with our legal team during a free consultation, contact us at (623) 207-1555 today.