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Rafi Law Group is trusted and respected throughout Arizona by people who need serious legal representation after serious injuries, including spinal cord injuries. Our team of experienced Arizona spinal cord injury lawyers can work closely with you, so you always feel informed as your case progresses. We can also use our reputation to work alongside third-party experts, like chiropractors, surgeons, financial analysts, and more to build your claim to be as strong as it can be. From the start, the goal is to get the maximum amount of compensation that you need and deserve.

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Understanding Spinal Cord Injury Causes and Legal Support in Arizona

Even slight damage to the spine can result in a serious spinal cord injury that permanently changes the victim’s life. For this reason, a variety of accidents and incidents can cause this life-changing injury. Rafi Law Group can handle spinal cord injury claims and lawsuits, no matter what type of accident is involved.

We can help clients who have suffered spinal cord injuries caused by:

Identifying Symptoms and Complications of Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is a delicate bundle of nerves that runs up the spine. It is essential to the conscious and unconscious control of nearly all body parts, organs, and limbs. If it is damaged, it can cause immediate and permanent complications, injuries, and disabilities.

Spinal cord damage can cause these complications and more:

  • Chronic pain
  • Immobility
  • Organ failure
  • Paralysis

Many people who live with debilitating spinal cord injuries suffer mental health difficulties as a result, too. The lessened enjoyment of life and loss of freedom of movement can trigger deep depression. When we are working on a case and factoring in the injuries of our client, we consider mental health damage alongside physical injuries.

Classifying Paralysis: Impact on Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Cases

When working on your spinal cord injury case, we need to consider what type of paralysis you have suffered, if any at all. While all forms of paralysis can be devastating, some cause larger life disruptions than others. In this way, some spinal cord injury cases can have a much higher value than others due to just how much damage was done due to the extent of the claimant’s paralysis.

Categories of paralysis include:

  1. Temporary: Some forms of paralysis can be treated or alleviated with physical therapy, surgery, and other medical procedures.
  2. Permanent: Permanent paralysis is incurable and might not even be able to be alleviated due to the extensive damage to the spinal cord.
  3. Partial: If a body part is affected by a spinal cord injury but can still function, it is partial paralysis. For example, partial paralysis of an arm might weaken the arm significantly, but not cause complete immobility.
  4. Total: Total paralysis occurs when the use or function of a body part or organ is entirely removed by paralysis, such as losing the ability to move the legs at all.

Someone who has suffered temporary partial paralysis can struggle with day-to-day activities but might find some comfort in the diagnosis that the paralysis is expected to be treatable. On the other hand, someone who is diagnosed with permanent total paralysis will have a completely different life ahead of them. They will need to learn how to live as comfortably as they can with the complete and permanent loss of function of one or more body parts.

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