When Will Automated Vehicles Become Widely Available?

Automated Vehicles on Highway

The future of transportation is rapidly evolving, and automated vehicles are at the forefront of this revolution. As technology advances, the prospect of self-driving cars increasingly becomes a reality. The automotive industry is investing in this revolution, hoping for a transformation in our daily commutes and a new philosophy on travel. Yet, it can be hard to keep up with all the technological advancements. When will automated vehicles become available? Will they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars? Will it make driving obsolete? Let’s take some time to delve into these questions and look forward to the beginning of this new technology.

When Will Automated Vehicles Hit the Market?

Even though autonomous vehicles are out on the streets now, testing their technology, they aren’t widely available to consumers yet. Putting a hard date on when automated vehicles will become available for sale to people can be hard to tell because of the vast amount of questions and implications of these vehicles. No laws or legislation governing autonomous vehicles existed a few years ago. While state and federal governments weigh considerations of what automated vehicles will look like in the future, manufacturers are also investing a lot of time and money into ensuring automated vehicles are safe and ready for everyday use.

Some experts believe that automated vehicles could become available over the next few years, with as many as 12% of vehicles sold having autonomous capabilities. Many suppliers who would’ve liked to have the technology already available must address the complexities of the new technology, devising business strategies and more advanced technological capabilities to ensure the safety of their vehicles and adequate sales for everyday consumers.

What Are the Benefits of Automated Vehicles?

With only a few years until automated vehicles could potentially be on the market, many buyers will need to understand the benefits and dangers of these new technologies.


Because driver error is the leading cause of car accidents, manufacturers, suppliers, and governments hope that automated vehicles can save lives and improve safety. The European Union even hopes to reach zero road deaths by 2050.

Increased Mobility

Automated Vehicles can also transform the lives of seniors or people with disabilities who don’t have to rely on others for transportation and mobility. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hopes autonomous vehicles will be available for all communities.

Environmental Benefits

One of the other main benefits of autonomous vehicles is a positive environmental impact. Automated vehicles can decrease fossil fuels through electric engines and reduce traffic congestion. It could also impact land use by lessening the need for roads or parking to a significant effect.

What Are the Concerns of Automated Vehicles?

Automated vehicles are not on the market yet because there is still a great concern for their dangers and negative consequences. Here are some of the concerns posed by the new technology.


Automated vehicles are controlled by computers, which are susceptible to hacking, leading to hackers taking control of vehicles or information stolen through shared networks.


Millions of people in the U.S. make their living through driving, including ride-share services, trucking, and bus drivers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor estimates that over 3 million people could lose their jobs due to automation.

Dangers of New Technology

Though manufacturers hope to eliminate accidents with automated vehicles, the technology is still too new to put complete faith in them. Even in Arizona, accidents involving automated vehicles are on the rise, with 12 accidents reported from July 2021 to July 2022, even though they are still in the testing phase.

Technology is prone to its own errors, failing to detect pedestrians on roadways, malfunctioning while driving, and lack of experience in real-life driving conditions. Because of the great unknowns of automated vehicles, drivers should take extra precautions for their safety while sharing the road with these test vehicles.

What Should I Do If I’m Involved in An Accident With an Automated Vehicle?

For all of the questions we still have and the solutions yet to be seen as we plunge into this technology revolution, your safety is the highest priority. If you are involved in an accident with an automated vehicle, you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The team at Rafi Law Group can help you navigate this new legal landscape and advocate for your rights.

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