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  • Car Accident

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    • The Importance of Taking Pictures After a Car Accident

      The aftermath of a car accident is stressful and those involved are usually left feeling quite shaken by the event. That said, it is important to try to remain calm and to try to collect as much evidence as possible. While personal accounts of what occurred can be disputed and dissected, pictures offer a more solid form of evidence that can provide the support you need for your personal injury ...
    • What to Expect After a Motor Vehicle Accident

      Motor vehicle accidents happen out of the blue and take only a matter of seconds to leave those involved completely shaken. If you have never been involved in one, you might not know what to expect or what you should do next, but it is always important to be prepared for the worst. We have provided a brief overview of what you can expect to occur after a motor vehicle accident and ways in which ...
    • Signs of a Concussion After an Accident

      One of the most common injuries sustained in car accidents are concussions, which can range from mild to severe, resulting in serious debilitations or even death. However, oftentimes, this injury does not produce readily noticeable symptoms and, if a car accident victim fails to seek medical attention, this injury can silently continue to progress and result in permanent damage. If you were ...


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    • Arizona Statutes of Limitations

      The period of time in which a lawsuit or other civil action must be filed is known as a statute of limitation. This time period is measured starting from the date of the incident in question, meaning a plaintiff has a limited amount of time to file their claim or lawsuit. The specific statute of limitation varies depending on the type of claim. Statutes of limitations are intended to preserve the ...

    Personal Injury

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    • Common Slip & Fall Accidents

      Slip and fall accidents are the most common accidents in the country. In fact, it is estimated that about a million people have to visit the emergency room to seek treatment for injuries caused by slip and fall injuries. In many cases, these accidents are preventable and largely the result of negligence, such as torn carpeting or inadequate lighting. If you sustained an injury from a slip and fall ...
    • How Truck Driver Fatigue Leads to Accidents

      Accidents involving commercial trucks are some of the most devastating that occur on the road and often cause debilitating injuries that affect a person’s life forever. Most of these accidents are preventable, especially given the strict rules and regulations that are imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) on the trucking industry. Unfortunately, these rules are ...
    • 7 Key Tips for Safe Driving

      Safe driving might seem like common sense, but the fact is that the majority of car accidents occur as a result of human error and unsafe driving practices. Make sure your journey is safer, regardless of the destination or the distance, by reading our list of safe driving tips. Following the tips below can greatly reduce your chances of a serious or even fatal accident, so consider printing out ...

    Premises Liability

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    • Top Mistakes Made During Personal Injury Claims

      Being involved in an accident is traumatic enough, but the problem is that the headaches and trouble never end there. To ensure that you do not foot the bill for the damages incurred, such as medical bills and repair costs, you will file a claim, which can be an incredibly complex and daunting task if without the assistance of a personal injury attorney. Do not risk your chances of obtaining the ...
    • What To Do After a Dog Bite Injury?

      Dogs are often our most cherished companions and many tend to think of them as another member of their family, given the invaluable loyal companionship they provide. However, in the care of a negligent dog owner, these wonderful creatures can pose a real danger to others. In fact, millions of people sustain dog bite injuries every year, particularly children who make up the majority of dog bite ...
    • What You Need to Know About Arizona’s Dog Bite Law

      Many states have specific laws regarding who is responsible if a pet dog bites another individual. Arizona’s law appears in section 11-1025 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. It holds the dog owner liable for injuries given to another person if the damage was caused by a dog bite and if the bite was suffered while the person was in a public place or lawfully in a public place. While dogs can scratch ...

    Wrongful Death

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    • Who Can Bring a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

      Wrongful death is a legal term referring to a death caused by severe negligence or carelessness. In the state of Arizona, wrongful deaths are governed by Arizona Revised Statutes Section 12-611 to 12-613. These statutes outline when a person can file a lawsuit, who can file, and what damages can be awarded. Wrongful death can only be brought by specific survivors. Of the relatives of the deceased, ...
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