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Rafi Law Group is founded on the idea that when people need legal help after being hurt in an accident, finding reliable, compassionate, and knowledgeable legal counsel should be stress-free, no matter the time of day or the complexity of the case. This is the groundwork principle of all of our Phoenix personal injury lawyers, and so we have all come together to form a law firm that truly does put clients first.

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  • Brandon B. Rafi: Founder of Rafi Law Group, Brandon Rafi has committed the entirety of his practice and legal career on personal injury claims pursued for plaintiffs. To expand his ability to help others, he has also been admitted to practice by both the Federal and Supreme Courts of Arizona, an accomplishment few other personal injury lawyers in the state achieve.
  • William A. Kelhoffer: More commonly called Bill, William Kelhoffer is the Managing Attorney at our law firm who has been admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Arizona.
  • Afshin Afsharimehr: Afshin, also known as Ash, is a Senior Associate Attorney at Rafi Law Group. Ash finds enjoyment in finding solutions to difficult legal problems and securing strong results for his clients.
  • Mrigank Nino Mishra: Senior Associate Attorney at Rafi Law Group. He has been practicing personal injury for many years and has extensive experience both in and outside the courtroom.
  • Thomas R. McCarty: Senior Associate Attorney at Rafi Law Group. Thomas has extensive trial, litigation, and high-stakes negotiation experience which he uses to fight for what his clients deserve.
  • Benjamin L. Traver: Associate Attorney at Rafi Law Group, who has dedicated himself to his clients and his practice, ensuring that accident victims have excellent legal representation to help them achieve a significant recovery.
  • Julio C. Cuen: Associate Attorney at Rafi Law Group. Julio Cesar Cuen prides himself on the care and attention that he devotes to each individual client to obtain excellent results.
  • Gabriel L. Anderson: Associate Attorney at Rafi Law Group. Gabriel has over 10 years of professional legal experience and specializes in giving the best client experience.
  • Daniel J. Barraza: Daniel is an Associate Attorney at Rafi Law Group. He focuses on being an effective and aggressive advocate for his clients.
  • Alec J. Caruso: Alec is an Associate Attorney at Rafi Law Group. He devotes himself to the pursuit of justice for his injured clients involved in accidents.
  • Arash A. Tavanaei: Arash is an Associate Attorney at Rafi Law Group. He has extensive Immigration litigation and appellate experience and is an excellent negotiator.
  • Paola M. Pescador: Paola is an associate attorney at Rafi Law Group. She finds fulfillment in her career as it allows her to help people in difficult situations.
  • David M. Stephens: David is an Associate Attorney at Rafi Law Group. He takes pride in helping clients navigate through their Personal injury claim with compassion and empathy.
  • Patrick C. Hassett: Patrick is an Associate Attorney at Rafi Law Group. He is a skilled and detail-oriented attorney who strives to achieve the best possible results for his clients.
  • Robert J. Ross: Robert Ross is an Associate Attorney at Rafi Law Group. He is a skilled attorney who has dedicated his practice to fighting insurance companies and helping his injured clients.

The corner stones of our law office is compassion, preparation, and focus. We are compassionate towards our clients because we genuinely understand that people who have been hurt by a negligent third-party deserve to be able to rest, not get caught up in legalities; this personalized approach also lets us know our clients as if they were close friends, which better helps us understand the fine details of their cases. We thoroughly prepare for each case we take, getting into the details and seeking answers or evidence wherever it may be found. Finally, when it comes time to negotiate a settlement or pursue litigation, our focus is second-to-none.

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