St. Vincent de Paul’s 2nd Chance Bike Drive

ABC15 2nd Chance Bike Drive

St. Vincent de Paul’s 2nd Chance Bike Drive

A bike plays an essential role in the lives of the people St. Vincent de Paul serves. It improves access to healthcare, education, economic opportunities, and physical and mental health. Many of us have a bike that may be hanging around, not getting much use. That bike could make a huge difference for a person in need of reliable transportation – giving them the ability to go to work, to the grocery store, or get to school.

In response to this pressing issue, we joined forces with St. Vincent de Paul and ABC15 to provide assistance to our affected neighbors. As part of our efforts, we donated $5,000 and volunteered to answer phones during their telethon. Together, we successfully raised 13,300! This contribution will help provide bikes and helmets to low-income families and individuals who are in need of transportation.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to St. Vincent de Paul for granting us the opportunity to make a difference. Additionally, we want to express our appreciation to our volunteers: Mirna, Joey Boy, Noemi, Monica, Leslee, Ernie, Gabe, Denise, Jessie, Giselle, Danial and Rich.