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Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents or injury in the United States. Though we do it every day, driving has the potential to be incredibly dangerous. It only takes one moment of distraction or lack of attention to cause what may be a possibly fatal accident. If you have been injured in an accident with a distracted driver, our Phoenix personal injury lawyers of Rafi Law Group, want to fight on your behalf.

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Distracted Driving Accident Cases in Arizona

The hazards and risks of distracted driving are very real, and these accidents occur more often than you may think. While young people are more likely to engage in this dangerous driving practice, distractions are present for everyone. Staying focused and concentrated while behind the wheel is essential for your safety, as well as the safety of all others on the road.

What is Considered Distracted Driving?

The following are common examples of distracted driving, including but not limited to:

  • Talking to passengers
  • Texting or talking on the phone
  • Fiddling with controls on the dashboard, such as radio, GPS, and more
  • Eating or drinking
  • Applying makeup or other forms of grooming
  • Adjusting mirror settings or changing the temperature
  • Reading
  • Watching videos

Texting and Driving Accidents

Cell phones have improved our lives immeasurably—but they’ve also created a new road hazard. Texting and driving is an especially dangerous form of distracted driving because it takes the driver’s eyes away from the road, their hands off the wheel of their vehicle, and their mind off the task of driving. A senate bill passed in March of 2019 made it illegal statewide to use a cell phone or electronic device while driving unless it’s on hands-free mode. Though police can’t write tickets and levy fines until 2021, anyone pulled over after that date will have to pay at least $75 for their unsafe habits.

Until then, Arizona drivers will have to hope the existence of the law is enough to deter drivers from shooting off a text while behind the wheel. Though tapping out a message seems quick and easy, drivers tend to underestimate the impact. It takes an average of five seconds to read or respond to a text message; if you’re on the highway, you’ll travel more than the length of a football field in that time. That’s plenty of time for an accident to happen. If it happens to you, do you have a plan to prove the other driver was distracted at the time?

Texting and Driving Statistics

The following points are national statistics about texting and driving:

  • In 2016, there were 34,439 fatal car accidents. Nine percent of those accidents (3,157 total collisions) were labeled as “distraction affected” by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Of those 3,157 car accidents, 14% (or 444 collisions) involved the use of a cell phone.
  • People aged 20-29 accounted for the majority (35%) of people who used their cell phones while driving in 2016.
  • In 2015, approximately 30,000 people were injured in car accidents that involved cell phone use.

Unsafe Drivers Are Everywhere

More states are passing laws to cull cell phone use by drivers and, thankfully, they are having an impact. However, almost 3% of Americans used handheld phones while driving in 2017; even 3% of hundreds of millions of drivers is enough to put us in danger. Around 1 in every 50 drivers was seen using a phone in 2017. With the amount of driving most of us do in a typical week, we surely pass many drivers who are more focused on their device than on the road.

Last year, nearly 250,000 car accidents caused by distracted driving happened in Arizona. The good news is that most were non-fatal. However, when accidents with large vehicles and/or high speeds happen, the victims may suffer serious, sometimes even catastrophic, injury.

What is the Best Way to Deal with a Distracted Driver?

You may have experienced this scenario while driving: You look over at the driver next to you and notice that they are texting, eating, or putting on makeup while behind the wheel. Seeing a driver near you who does not have their attention on the road can be frightening.

What can you do in this situation? By driving defensively and remaining cognizant of the hazards of distracted driving, you can keep yourself and other drivers safe. However, it is important to remember that you shouldn’t let the distracted driver distract you — be sure not to focus more of your attention on their actions than on the task of driving. You should safely allow plenty of space between your car and the distracted driver.

If you see a distracted driver, you may feel compelled to report their behavior. If you want to report a driver, make sure you can do it safely. You should report a distracted driver if their behavior is causing them to drive especially recklessly.

Proving Liability

Drivers might not admit that they were using a phone or electronic device at the time of a crash, but if they were distracted by one when they hit you, an attorney can help you gather proof. The at-fault party’s phone records may show sent or received texts near the time of your accident, or witnesses may have spotted them looking down or messing with phone controls right before they hit you. Distracted drivers know they shouldn’t be doing what they are, but they put all of us in danger. Our attorneys are here to help you hold these people accountable for any harms they cause you.

How Rafi Law Group Can Help

If you or a loved one has suffered at the hands of a distracted driver, our Phoenix personal injury lawyers have the resources necessary to fight on your behalf. Rafi Law Group is comprised of dedicated, compassionate, and skilled individuals who have a wealth of experience and education in the legal realm. For legal care, counsel, and representation regarding obtaining the financial compensation you deserve, look no further than our firm.

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